99 days to go!

Photo from Studio Choo
I had a grand plan when Jeffrey first launched this site, wherein I would write many updates over the course of the planning process and keep up a steady flow of information. That clearly has not happened, and for that I apologize. At the same time, maybe these things are best done in bursts. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.
So, here are the latest updates!

  1. I believe I noted in my last update that we were going to schedule a tasting with Sift Cupcakes. Well, we scheduled it, and we’ve booked them to provide dessert! YAY! Seriously, I am super excited for this. Dessert is the best part, and Sift makes some damn good dessert. At our tasting, we tried a few cupcake flavors, as well as a whoopie pie, a macaron, and what Sift calls a “cruffle” (a cake truffle). All were delicious, and it looks like we’ll be doing a combination of cupcakes, macarons, and cruffles. The hard part will be choosing flavors, since I kinda sorta want ALL OF THE FLAVORS, but I understand how this is an unrealistic venture (please attempt to convince me otherwise).

  2. We’ve decided to go with Small Stump and Studio Choo for our flowers! They create beautifully rustic arrangements and I’m really excited to see what they create for our wedding. You can see more of their wedding arrangements in their wedding photo album.

  3. We sent out invitations yesterday (May 9th)! Jeffrey drew and designed the whole invitation, and worked carefully with Hyegraph to print the invites and envelopes. Our needs were a bit more complicated than usual, since we have unique RSVP codes for all of our invitees that needed to be printed on each invitation. Thankfully, Hyegraph was up to the task and the invitations look beautiful. On that note, if you have any trouble using your RSVP code, please feel free to contact us directly! And remember to add the names of your guest and dietary restrictions, if applicable.

  4. This piece might not be as exciting to everyone else, but it’s exciting to us: we hired a wedding coordinator! Marche51 came recommended from a friend of mine, and we’re really pleased to have her (Kelly) on board. She’ll be our coordinator the day of the wedding, a service much needed by both us and the venue.

  5. And lastly: our registry should be all up to date! We’ve registered primarily with Crate and Barrel, but since we decided to include some external items (like dinners, charities, and other miscellaneous items not found at C&B), we decided to use a service called RegistryLove, which will collect all of these pieces for you into one big registry. Here is our RegistryLove page – be sure to click “Load all gifts” to see them all! Let us know if you experience any issues with the service. You can also find our RegistryLove link when you click “Events” and then the “Registry” tab.

Otherwise, we’re slowily and steadily clicking along, making plans for the overall event layout and similarly important details. Once we have our guest list, we can start making other important plans (such as the menu and transportation plans), so be sure to RSVP as soon as possible!
For now, it’s time for another gym visit so I can look stunning in my wedding dress. Until later!