Time moves quickly, then not so much

Our wedding is on SATURDAY. That’s THIS WEEKEND. Not next weekend. Not some weekend far into the future. This weekend.
The last couple of months have flown by. It seems like only yesterday that I was getting my hair done and thinking about how I still had a couple of months until the big day. Heck, it feels like only yesterday that we booked the venue and set the date, which was pretty much the first piece of wedding planning we completed after getting engaged. And now the big day is THIS WEEKEND.
To say that the feeling is surreal would be a massive understatement.
Since then, much has happened, and we’re actually not feeling panicked or overwhelmed. For me, the strangest part is how time has seemingly slowed down the closer we get to the 17th. This past week has felt slow as molasses, each hour creeping by in excited/nervous anticipation. Can it just be Saturday already? COME ON.
In the meantime, I have to give credit where credit’s due. Super duper thanks to the following:

  • My parents (especially my mom) for doing incredible amounts of work to make this wedding beautiful. I can’t wait to see everything in action.
  • Marche51’s Kelly, our coordinator, whose attention to detail and ability to stay on top of everything has made the planning 100% easier, and has helped us feel confident that all of the little details will be properly handled on Saturday.
  • James, Jeffrey’s best man, for working so hard on a special video surprise that will debut at the wedding. Stay tuned!
  • Jeffrey’s family, the rest of the wedding party, and our friends for their continued love and support.

Go Team Faden-Gazdowicz wedding!
Some additional notes:

  • The previously-rumored BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) strike has been averted, so that will not be an issue this week/weekend. YAY!
  • If you haven’t already, review Jeffrey’s karaoke tips and check out DJ Purple’s songbook so you can properly rock out during our reception!
  • Some people have asked about dress code. To this, we say dressy but not formal (full gowns and three-piece suits not required). Hope that helps!