Der Voyage Vacations

London photos

We had our first full day in Europe! In London! We participated in a walking tour (very informative and enjoyable), and did some exploring on our own. We had delicious Indian cuisine for dinner, a dining experience that proved to be really awkward. We also went to a park that was supposed to be the equivalent of San Francisco’s Dolores Park, and we rode one of those super cool double decker buses. Tomorrow: Soho neighborhood, then on to Paris!

Our hostel in London:

Monmouth Coffee Company. Great cappuccino and arguably the best croissant I’ve ever had. (Thanks Duncan for the suggestion!)

Insert Beavis & Butthead joke here.

The English Pig, a.k.a. bar with really snarky sign.

St. Paul’s Cathedral

Millenium Bridge

Cannons and bikes

London Bridge – as in THE London Bridge. How boring.

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