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Miscellaneous Paris photos

Here’s a set of random photos to round out our series of Paris photo posts.

The train station in London, where we got new stamps on our passports and a one-way ride into Paris:

The fountain on Place Saint-Michel:

The Notre Dame de Paris, of course:

We visited the archeological crypt underneath the Notre Dame, which was full of really freaking old pieces of ruins:

More of the ruins:

Hannah reading about the ruins:

Jeffrey made me take this photo of a super weird advertisement outside of one of the Paris Metro stops:

Arènes de Lutece, taken from underneath a big hallway with a roof (it was really rainy that day):

Just a super creepy statue, found in the Jardins des Plantes:

And simply Paris, on a rainy day:

And finally, Alexis jumps in front of our rainy and blurry photo-op:

Cinque Terre photos next! (we’re taking advantage of a steady internet connection while we still have it – who knows what Rome, Berlin and/or Amsterdam will have available)

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