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Versailles photos

Our first full day in Paris revolved around a trip to the Palace of Versailles, where we saw both the Palace itself and the special exhibit by Takashi Murakami. We were joined by our friends Hannah and Alexis, who live in Paris.


Jeffrey and Hannah in front of one of Murakami’s works:

Old and new – an old work of art and regular piece at the Palace, and one of Murakami’s new pieces of art:

More Murakami:

The Palace and the garden:

More of the gardens. It’s tough to tell in this photo, but the fountain in the foreground is super creepy – it’s a goddess getting mad and turning the people around her into frogs, and some of the statues actually depict the turning-into-frogs process:

Alexis and Jeffrey in front of Murakami’s Oval Buddha:

Jeffrey and Anna in front of the lake:

Hannah and Alexis in front of the lake:

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